Find a Book from Vague Description

Ever feel helpless whilst you’re desperately searching for eBooks from a vague description? Sometimes the only aspect the mind inspires is an individual’s call, a setting, or a random, minute detail related to that e-book — and it could be irritating while your mind can’t rack up the identity or the author! Thankfully, there are ebook lovers everywhere who are eager to help and source to manual us in those hopeless times. Below, we’ve amassed a few useful ways you may discover an eBooks from an indistinct description.

Search on Google

Many eBooks lovers may be acquainted with Google Books. Boasting a massive catalogue of digitized books, this seek engine works like Google seek; besides it quickly is going through thousands and thousands of e-book pages to find the information you’re seeking out.


To hone in for your findings, take your chances on Google’s Advanced Book Search, in which you may slender down you seek to a couple of details (e.g., name of the publisher, subject matter of the eBook, etc.). For both sources, pinpointing the proper keywords can be beneficial.

Go Social Media

Social media systems like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit all have active e-book groups and may be worthwhile for your quest. You can always begin by posting a question on the structures and waiting for a response from your friends and family members.

But there also are genre-specific agencies on Facebook and Reddit wherein you can publish your e-book description, and strangers permit you to locate the title. Asking people you don’t recognize for assistance can be daunting at first, but things can most effectively get higher with a collective effort. Give it a try!

Search on BookBub’s website

Another manner to find an ebook from an indistinct description is through using the seek feature on BookBub’s website, which also features category tags to assist refine your search. If you’re already signed up with a BookBub account and were marking your completed reads at the site, you could additionally browse the list of books you’ve completed for reference!

When in doubt, ask your librarian

A net is a powerful tool, however once in a while, you just can’t beat the information and the steadfast tenacity of your town librarian, who is also a trained researcher. Make a quick prevent to your local library and ask to choose their brain!

Through GIPHY

Everything about when you’re endeavouring to discover a digital book without a title! Something you study in secondary school, for instance, can be on a suggested understanding rundown. You’ll have the option to quickly expel any later discharges from your hunt.

Finding an ebook from a vague description can often be like seeking out a needle in a haystack, but it’s not impossible! We wish those hints gave you some ideas to help together with your seek.


WorldCat is the world’s biggest system of library substance and administrations. You can search the global database of 72,000 libraries in a hundred and seventy countries. Search for a book and then locate it at a close-by library. Membership of the library allows you to test out the item online. Try the Advanced Search with unique filters like Audience and Languages.

Peek into WorldCat Genres (or Fictional Finder) which allows you browse through fiction genres for loads of titles, authors, subjects, characters, locations, and more, ranked by means of popularity within the world’s libraries.

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