Fix Stream Authorization Kodi Error

Many users might be enjoying Kodi on their devices especially for streaming purpose but many times they face issues related with additions done on Kodi.

These errors consist of and Some users of Kodi might be facing the pairing issue with but actually, it is not a part of the error.

This is a method which is provided with the aim of providing a better experience of Kodi streaming to the users. consists of millions of videos, TV shows and movies and is one of the biggest database servers.

As these movies and videos are streamed by millions of users on a regular basis, therefore it has become a hard task to handle such huge respect for the server.

Another Kodi:

As there are many Kodi add-ons are available such as Exodus, Placenta, Covenant, Nemesis etc., users are trying to find out direct streaming links from servers and are using scripts and python codes. Hence developers have started to ask for pairing the devices for watching videos and movies so that misuse of such resources can be prevented. Some of the most popular pair errors are olpair, vshare, or other open load pair message.

Fix Kodi Streaming Authorization Error 17 & 18

This is done to verify that the user is a human and not a robot or scripts and everyone will get equal opportunity. After pairing the device with or web servers they can get access to use the content for the next four hours. After four hours the authorization will get expired and there will be a need to pair the device again with server.


If any user is getting and authorization error very rapidly then he must follow certain steps given as:

  • By using the right button of the remote they must go to Firestick settings
  • From there they have to select My Fire TV option.
  • Then select Developer Options.
  • USB Debugging has to be enabled and Apps from Unknown Sources have to be allowed.
  • Then they have to come back to Firestick Home
  • The search option has to be selected
  • There they have to search for Silk Browser
  • Download option has to be selected
  • Silk Browser has to be opened
  • URL has to be typed in the address bar

https olpair com

  • After that “I’m Not a Robot” captcha have to be solved
  • Then “Pair” has to be selected
  • Get back to home

After four hours there will be a need to follow the same steps again.

Fixing of Error on Kodi

There are several methods with can be followed to fix and errors for the users of Kodi. These methods are given below:

Method-1 Fix error by pairing IP address (For windows)

The simplest method for fixing pair issue can be resolved by pairing the IP address with the servers. This can help in watching favourite movies on TV shows from servers but this is not a permanent solution.

This method includes following steps to pair IP address with

Step 1: Enable VPN

Step 2: Open a Web Browser

Step 3: Enter in the URL bar

Step 4: Check I’m not a robot box

Step 5: Hit the Pair button

Step 6: Close the browser

Method-2 Fix error by disabling hosters with captcha

There is another method which can be followed to fix issue on Kodi which includes disabling all streaming links which appear during captcha verification. These steps need to be followed by the user:

  • Step 1: Open Exodus Add on then video add ons and then Exodus
  • Step 2: go to tools inside the dashboard
  • Step 3: select settings of the providers in Exodus Kodi addon
  • Step 4: disable hosters with captchas
  • Step 5: Click OK

Method – 3 Pair streaming device

  1. When authorization is required a message will appear on the screen related to the authorization. If clicked cancel it will automatically skip to the next stream available and will try o play that but it is always not reliable.
  2. It is necessary to visit the link provided in the message to authorize. There are many links which can be seen while trying to view a stream. Hence it is very necessary to gain access to the content with the help of typing proper link in the dialogue box.
  3. Open silk browser in case of firestick on fire TV and clicks on the orange search button.
  4. Type in the required link that is available in the Kodi Pair Error. It will redirect to the
  5. Click on I am not a robot option.
  6. This will then ask for captcha verification. Click on a stay here and follow each and every step to verify that the user is not a robot. After completion of each step scroll down and click Pair.
  7. A message will be shown stating that the pairing has been successful.

While using this method various possible streams within Kodi can be seen as it contains no risk. But it will be dangerous to reveal IP address to anyone. Hence, it is important to use a VPN while fixing the pair error in Kodi.

Also, there are some apps which can be downloaded from the Amazon app store because they are not verified. Hence, in this case, those apps can be downloaded into the device without any use of official app distribution method. It can be done with the help of Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, VPN for Firestick.

If the user does not want to share his VPN then the first method is recommended to be followed to solve any kind of Kodi pairing issues.

Hence these are three easy methods to solve the pair issues in Kodi. These are those issues which are faced by users when they try to stream from certain Kodi Add-ons. By following the above-mentioned methods and instructions they can no longer face any kind of message and they can browse Kodi tension free.

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