Island Royale codes

Island Royale is created and developed by LordJurrd and known for its battle royale game. Formerly this game is available as paid access game for 100 Robux and now it is in Beta phase and allowed to play for free by everyone. When the game was launched as paid access, the players received with two exclusives emotes.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the massively popular game which inspired the developers to design the Island Royale game.

In this multiplayer game, more than 100 players can skydive into an island to fight against the other players or gather as a group to obtain building structures, weapons, and resources to explore them as the last man standing. Due to Fortnite Battle Royale Roblox version closet and striking similarities, an Island Royale game has gained many more players every day. Roblox Redeem Codes

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Island Royale Codes

Please find below the list of codes that you can be used by the players to redeem the bucks while playing the game.

XENICI – You can use this code to get 500 bucks by entering the name after the IR Streamer Xenici.

XPLODINGFIRE – Redeem 500 bucks by entering the name after the IR YouTuber Exploding Fire.

AFRAID – Redeem 500 bucks by entering the name after the IR Streamer Afraid4life.

OBAH – Redeem 500 bucks by entering the name after the IR Streamer Twitch_Ovahkill.

HammieJammieDoesntSuck – Used to get free 50 tokens on Roblex.

JURASSICWORLD – Used to get Jurassic World Sunglasses for your Roblox character.

TWEETROBLOX – Used to enjoy 5 Free Hats on your Roblox.

!HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX! – Grab Free Cake Hat for your Roblox.

BIGMANBILLY – Grab Free Cake Hat for your Roblox.

HEADPHONES2 – Use this code to get the next level Headphones.

Jurrd – it is referred to clothing item and can be obtained through luck from the Character chest. A mythic item provides 1500 bucks while playing the game.

Alien Warrior – it is referred to clothing item and can be obtained through the alien-themed from shop items all time. An uncommon item provides 3000 bucks while playing the game.

Pistol – You can use the Pistol to shoot the fighters during the game. The mouse button should be spammed multiple times to shoot more; just holding the mouse will shot only once. You can use a maximum of 5 clicks to shoot effective with your gun.

Bandage – It is a consumable which can be used to refill your health by 15%. However, if your health is above 75% then it is not possible to use this item. It is quicker to use and a common tier than a health kit.

Tiki Torch – If you place this item within your provided area then you will get 50 shields. If it was placed against your opponent then you will get 100 shields. Your teammates can be healed using this item. Tiki Torch can be found in other players drops or in chests.


Players can make use of the Locker tab to view their cosmetics. The Yellow bottom row is designed for special emotes and effects, while the Red top row is meant for character cosmetics. To achieve more cosmetics, you need to purchase the two loot chests from the Item Shop. Decal Ids in Roblox

You can acquire the items on a random basis; Flair Chast can provide emotes, trails and give effects. While Character Chest will provide character cosmetics like faces, hats, gliders, and etc. However, Item shops will contain features items which can be purchased directly and available only after every update refresh. Please be informed that when compared to purchasing a loot chest, the featured items are much more expensive.

Stats & Leaderboard:

The players can make use of the Stats tab to get more information about their all-time and weekly stats, particularly for each mode. It also includes their highest placement record, KDR, kills, and their wins. Bubble Gum Simulator codes

The top players for weekly listing will be displayed under the Leaderboard tab for each mode with regards to their kills, wins, and deaths. A special note to players that all-time stats will be displayed forever while the Leaderboard and Weekly stats will be available only for every 7 days, after that it will be reset for the next week.


While the game starts, each player will be welcomed through the Lobby screen, the player’s avatar will be displayed on the podium along with 3 more podiums that are empty to fill with their preferred avatars. Using Lobby screen, players can view their online friends, the current balance they achieved (the in-game currency is called as Bucks), their current level. Goliath 5e

With respects to matchmaking, each player can select their preferred matches like Squad, Duo, and Solo. They can also automate the game with their random teammates if they wish. In Squad or Duo matches, players can click on the plus sign (which is available on the podium) to request their teammates manually.

After clicking on the Ready button, the players can redo their positions by clicking the same button once again, so that they can think about their place in the match. As per the new update from the Island Royale game, Keybinds is the special feature which can allow the players to customize their designated keys to function during each in-game.

Currency & Passes:

To exchange the Robux amounts into Bucks, you can make use of the Shop tab. Which will display various options to exchange into V-Bucks a Fortnite currency? This currency is the sole form of Island Royale game and can be used to buy any new cosmetics.

Apart from purchasing, each player can use the daily rewards feature to earn bucks for consecutive days. Just the players need to enter their game or when they upgraded to the next level to redeem the daily rewards. Currently, this game does not implement the Passes feature. But this feature will be similar to same Battle passes used in the Fortnite Royale game to display the game passes.

Finally, we are happy to inform about the Codes tab. This tab can be used by the players to input their codes to redeem the free bucks. But please be informed that the codes may expire within one or two days.



We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Island Royale games and its features. You can make use of the codes to redeem various sorts of bucks during the game.

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