Shemira AFK Arena (Guide) 2020

Have you ever met the best damage dealer in Arena! Let’s meet with her today. One of the strongest damage dealers in this game is Shamira.

The ability to knock down the enemies with her Tortured Souls is undoubtedly the best part of Shemira. Shemira can hit each and every opponent with her insane damage capability.

The hitting performance of shemira on the battlefield is absolutely the treat to all the user’s eyes. as well as you can know unlimited AFK arena codes 

Characteristic of Shemira AFK Arena:

Shemira is undoubtedly a very strong pick for guild bosses. Her performance, her damage is crazy and she can sustain in the game for a very long time with her self-healing characteristics.

  • Survivability is the foremost characteristic that all the players want in their players. At the early stage of the game AFK ARENA, Shemira had to face the issues of endurability. However, with the time and levels, the sustainability of her performance had been grown longer as for the healing from Tortured Souls and her passive life-leach.
  • The silence of Shemira can shut down the enemy mages. Well, It’s exceptionally worthwhile against heroes just like Arden, who can CC her and hold on the casting of Tortured Souls.
  • Shamira AFK ARENA is a tremendously strong late game. She may be a ditzy at the base levels as she can expire before a cast of Tortured Souls goes off.  Shemira begins to excel at level 81 and scales immensely good with grown levels and gear.

Skills of Shemira AFK Arena:

  • Tortured Souls-50% of all the damages will be turned into health that heals Shemira.

Unlock level – 1

This skill again can be locked in the 81 and 161 level with the increased damage quality.

  • Soul Siphon-Shemira can leech the life of an enemy to restore her own.

Unlock level – 11

On levels of 21, 101, and 181, the Soul siphon skills are found more effective and worthwhile.

  • Silence-Shemira can deal with 100% damage to a magic-based enemy.

Unlock level – 41

The damage quality increases by up to 150% when the silence skill can be unlocked on the 121 and 201 level.

  • Wrath-The more health shemira possesses. The more she can deal with damages. In this stage, her damage can be increased by up to 30%.

 Unlock level – 61

Shemiras’ health sustainability increases with the Wrath skill in the 141, and 221 level.

How to use Shemira on the Battlefield :

Your main target to use the Tortured skill of shemira  When playing theArena. Shemira becomes the strongest solo-carries in the game while she damages all the enemies on the game for continuously 12 seconds.

Restoration of Tortured, Silence, Soul siphon, and wrath skills turns the Shemira more powerful and stronger to damage the enemies. At the base levels, the performance of the Shemra is average, But after unlocking the 161 level the growth of Shemira for the battle rounds are tremendously praisable. you can know afk arena guide 

A player can make the perfect use of Shemira on higher levels. Before using the Shemira, make sure you have crossed all the possible higher levels.

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