Saving Chloe Walkthrough and Endings Guide

What makes you believe in a game? Your answer must be its feature and presentation and the promised stuff. It is quite exciting to open up that promised stuff but how does one feel when they do not find the promised stuff. Well, this is not the case of saving Chloe walkthrough and endings. This game entirely serves amazing entertainment to whoever is going to play.

Choices and achievements of Chloe walkthrough

  • Four – do not count on Miranda and try to disarm Chloe (for her safety), get agreed on meeting Xara alone
  • Three – do not trust Miranda and do not try to disarm Chloe. Keep this mind that you do not tell Chloe about Serena
  • Serena meets to Miranda then go to the work and also get agree with Serena about Chloe
  • Distrustful – here, you must not trust Miranda lest you should not tell her who yellow Fever is.
  • Planless Chloe Walkthrough and Endings – Now trust Miranda, and you will have to tell her that who Yellow Fever us, but do not chase after Miranda
  • Canon – Trust Miranda and also tell her who yellow Fever is, but also chase after Miranda
  • Martial art- if you trust Miranda then you should stop. Plus you need to disarm Chloe and get agreed on to meet Xara alone

Saving Chloe – Introduction

  • X2 continues
  • Climb into Chloe’s bedroom
  • Kiss her
  • Knock on the window
  • Turn toward her
  • I do, and I am willing to wait as long as I need to
  • X6 continues
  • Get up and get ready for the work
  • Head outside and see who it is
  • When turning around her
  • Miranda? Oh my god, I hardly recognized you
  • Then ask her: may I get you something? Want to come in?
  • Sure, how long it will have been here?
  • So ask her, is still in contact with. Chloe?
  • And offer condolences: sorry to hear that, we were good friends!
  • Offer sympathy: on one should have had treated you the way they did
  • The one that Jessika from Mayhem stopped?
  • Do you know her personally?
  • Wait, what? Does that mean that Chloe was responsible too?
  • She was planning to run away as soon as she turned 18.
  • In a manner of speaking

Saving Chloe – meeting

  • Go see Chloe
  • Hey Rachel, and sorry for the short notice but something has shown up (so going on vacation today itself)
  • 3X continue
  • Now this choice completely rely on the choice of the previous one
  • You had not trusted Miranda: now you will have to find Chloe (safe house)
  • If you had trusted Miranda: order something and wait (coffee)

Final words

there is a lot to know even further which is surely very interesting. Those who have played it they will surely enjoy this one and those who have not they must try it once and say then!

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