Risk Of Rain 2 Characters

Risk of Rain 2 may be a near-perfect 3D translation of the 2D side-scroller it’s supported, and it is a fun and exciting third-person shooter besides. As we said earlier, even in Early Access, it’s well worth some time, especially if you’ll play it with friends. It also gets exponentially more fun as you earn new characters to play with. But earning all of them isn’t an easy task, so I’ve put together a guide to all or any of Risk of Rain 2’s character unlocks.

One thing to notice is that, as of this writing, Risk of Rain 2 may be a Steam Early Access title, which suggests there’ll be more content (including playable characters) added to the sport over time. This guide’s scope covers the whole roster of six characters included within the sequel for its early access launch. Also, the problem you play Risk of Rain 2 on doesn’t affect your ability to unlock characters. If you would like to fill your roster out as quickly as possible, be happy to play on the better Drizzle difficulty level.

Each character features a unique method of unlocking explained within the character guide below.


MUL-T is arguably the simplest character to unlock. All you would like to try to do is obviously the primary stage five times. You’ll naturally unlock MUL-T just by playing, and you furthermore may speed up the method by farming the primary stage. Just start a replacement single-player game on easy difficulty, blast through the primary zone, quit, and repeat.



In theory, you’ll unlock the Huntress even faster than MUL-T, but it takes a touch more skill. you will need to clear stages one, two, and three in one run without dying. this is often totally doable on single-player, especially if you play on easy, but it’ll also add multiplayer.

HUNTRESS Chracters


To unlock him, you would like to finish 30 stages. It doesn’t matter what stages you clear, what characters you employ, or what difficulty you play on. You’ll farm the primary stage 30 times on or complete three impressive ten-stage runs. Just keep playing the sport, basically. Obviously, playing on easy will speed up the method.


Now we’re stepping into the stranger unlocks. to urge the Artificer, you will need to gather ten Lunar Coins and use them to free Artificer from the ice prison inside the blue item shop. If you’re playing in multiplayer and someone in your group still needs the Artificer, make certain to ping Lunar Coins and share the wealth.

Artificer Character

The Artificer doesn’t have any kind of dodge or teleport, so you’ll also get to use this ice wall to regulate crowds. Finally, you have an honest old-fashioned flamethrower. This deals heavy damage but has an extremely short range, so it is best used on enemies stunned by your lightning orb. Watch your cooldowns and grab some mobility-boosting items and you will be slinging spells with the simplest of ’em.


To unlock Rex, you’ll get to carry the Fuel Array item, from the pod you crash-landed in, all the over to Rex’s body. Rex is often found within the Abyssal Depths (one of two possible 4th levels). Unfortunately, the Fuel Array item is unstable, so if your health goes under 50% you’ll magnify and die.


Under the Bazaar within the Bazaar between Times, there’s a hidden cave leading up to a purple portal. You take this portal and be transported to the Void Fields. You want to complete all 9 challenge cells here so as to unlock this character.

Acrid features a passive poison skill, ensuring attacks poison enemies for 10% of their maximum health over time. Poison is unable to kill enemies but it’ll drain their health.

The Commando

The Commando is that the default Risk of Rain 2 character (again, a bit like within the original Risk of Rain) and thus no special criteria are needed to unlock him. However, you’ve got to play a minimum of one game to unlock his associated guide entry.

Commando’s basic attack is fast and straightforward to aim, and his piercing secondary ability is far simpler once you take time to line up a juicy group of enemies. He also features a basic but handy dodge to assist you get out of danger and a rapid-fire ability which may stun most enemies during a pinch. Commando is straightforward to select up and fun to play, so don’t assume he’s weak simply because he’s the starter survivor.


Unlocking Loader will take a touch of luck because you’ll get to get a selected map to play which isn’t always guaranteed. The map we’re trying to find is Siren’s Call, which is one of two maps at the fourth stage of the sport. the opposite map is Abyssal Depths, so if you’re on a mission to unlock Loader and see Abyssal Depths you’ll want to restart.


With no final boss to talk of just yet, the Mercenary is that the closest thing to a finishing line in Risk of Rain 2. To unlock him, you will need to clear seven stages in one run and undergo a special Celestial Portal. There are not any shortcuts to the Mercenary. Playing on easy will soften the grind, but you’ll still need to clear seven stages. Pick your favorite character, grab some friends, and begin shooting.

As the only current melee character in Risk of Rain 2, Mercenary plays very differently from the opposite survivors. you would possibly think that a dude with a sword would feel clunky during a third-person shooter, but you would be wrong. Mercenary has one among the foremost frenetic playstyles of the lot and played correctly, he can devastate bosses and groups alike.

His basic attack is simply a close-range sword swipe, but honestly, you’ll barely use it. Mercenary’s abilities have such low cooldowns that you simply can chain them together almost indefinitely. His secondary ability launches you into a horizontal sword spin on the bottom and vertical spin mid-air, while his final ability teleports you to the closest enemy and launches an extended flurry of attacks. Did I mention you’re totally invincible during this flurry?


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