Mystic Messenger Email Guide

The mystic messenger brings on best with the real-time dedication: The mystic messenger is mainly an extremely innovative game that plays as few games do. The mystic messenger is going to the walkthrough to all the emails in the game so that you will always give the correct answers and get the guests to the party.

The game is quite fascinating and played in the chat rooms mostly with text-based for major cases. It is intriguing, challenging and extremely addictive. The game plays in real-time and you can be quite dedicated to organize the killer party and win the heart of favourite player for the real challenge.

The mystic messenger guide

This guide is going to make things quite easier as you will know the perfect answer to every email that you receive in the game. This is going to make things a lot easier and the story even more enjoyable to follow.

So one must take it to mind that every email you receive in the game is best and the things would be made easy keeping it in mind that you need a minimum of 10 guests to the party in a regular manner and over 15 in the V route to get the best of ending.

A hardcore game

The mystic messenger is one of the most hardcore games dealing with texting cuties that you will ever play. So this makes it easier for self by getting across the core concept.

The gameplay is reading and responding to instant messages. Even though you receive phone calls and texts, instant messages and occasional visual novel segments that is truly an essential part.

The mode select

There are three modes in the complete story.

  1. The casual story where you can get young, Zen and Jae-hee routes. This is free to play when you start the game.
  2. The deep story where you can get jumin and 707 routes only. You need to use 80 HG to unlock it permanently and to play.
  3. Another story is the mode where you can get V and ray routes only. You do need to use the 550 HG to unlock it permanently and to play.


This is the place where the secret conversation takes place.

  • Every day there are more than 10 chat rooms open up. New chat rooms usually open after 1-2 hours.
  • If you even miss a chat session, then the conversation will still occur without the player. After that, you can read the conversation but at the same time, it will not be able to interact with the characters during that time.
  • If you are interested to participate in a missed chat session. You can press the button beside the chat room button and use the five hourglasses fifteen in another story.

Phone calls

  • The users can call other RFA members although they only pickup at a certain time and five hourglasses will be deducted from the source and then 10 hourglasses in another story.


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