King of avalon gift codes 2020

King of Avalon is one of very adventurous game. This game has been published by Century Game for android and iOS users. This game is one of the famous game among all games. There are many people who have downloaded and played more than 50,000,000 downloads and player.

Now a day’s game is one of the best sources of amusement. In this game, you need to build a strong foundation for your empire for surviving in dragon fire war zone. The entire war relies on the coordination between you and your alliance.

Now you need to make an edge over your enemies by growth and mastering extraordinary combat skills. For accessing all the codes of the king of Avalon gift you can spend your money over it. You will get cheat codes via developers for players as a reward for the contribution in the growth of the game.

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The three ways to get King of avalon gift codes

You will be asked for fixing bugs, bad translation or glitches in the game by the developers. But if somehow the users help with the same thing then it will give you an opportunity to get personalized koa gift code for a user account.

There will be gift envelops in the game and that can be got via the help of alliance packages. This is possible from Friday to Sunday.

These envelopes permit you in obtaining an item from the inventory. And you can even send it to your friends.

So if you want to have the king of Avalon new gift codes this is possible through rally improvements.

Each code in the game will help you most of the time. They are for letting you play a game with much ease. But the work of each one is different. So here is some list take a look upon on them.


This code is one of best code which has got shared by a Reddit user espectro11. There are so many profits of using this code. You will get the profit of having medium dragon exp, small guarding power, summoning horn, refining stone etc.

  • Small Assault Power –  100
  • Medium Hero EXP – 50
  • Refining Stone –  75
  • Summoning Horn – 10
  • 60 M Speed Up – 10
  • 100 Vip Points –  05
  • Small Guardian Power –  100
  • Prestige Banner – 150
  • 5M Speed-Up – 20
  • Medium Dragon Exp –  50


This code of king Avalon new gift code which would give you so many good rewards such as 60m speed- up, prestige banner, small guardian power, medium hero exp, small assault power, 5M Speed- up, showing 1 to 13 of 13 entries etc.

  • Small Assault Power -20
  • Medium Hero Exp – 100
  • 60m Speed-Up  –  10
  • Bright Aggression –  01
  • Bright Security  – 01
  • Bright Strength  – 01
  • Bright Dominion – 01
  • Prestige Banner – 75
  • Small Guardian Power – 20
  • 100 VIP Points – 05
  • Refining Stone – 25
  • 5M Speed-Up – 20
  • Medium Dragon Exp  – 05


  • Medium Hero Exp – 50
  • 60 M Speedup – 10
  • Bright Aggression – 01
  • Bright Security –  01
  • Bright Dominion – 01
  • Bright Strength – 01
  • Summoning Horn –  05
  • Prestige Banner –  50
  • 100 VIP Points – 05
  • Refining Stones – 25
  • 5M Speedup –  20

This code is being shared by Reddit user gregyounguk and so its rewards are also considerable.  It will give you refining stones, 5M Speed up, prestige banner, 100 VIP points, Bright dominion, 60 M Speedup etc.

So these are some important codes of king Avalon. Everything has its own kind of importance and each works differently.

When you got all the information about this king Avalon codes now you are ready with this game completely. On the other hand, there are more king Avalon codes which are going to be helpful while playing this game. You can use those codes for your purpose of achieving the game.

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