House Party Leah Walkthrough Guide of 2020

Obviously some of the games such as House party Leah walkthrough are wonderful with its feature and they let enjoy the game a lot. Well, house party Leah is also one of the popular game among game lovers. It is an adventurous styled game that witnesses the time of the 80s and 90s such as Leisure suit Larry and Monkey Island. But here are some of the things that should be mindful before getting started with it.

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House Party Leah Walkthrough Guide


  • Pencil – sky bed room> laptop
  • A cup of coffee – living room
  • Painkillers – master bathroom. Behind the door
  • Paper – study room> desk
  • Towels – Downstairs> bathroom
  • Soda – fridge
  • 6 bottles of booze – chimney room, living room, master bedroom, laundry room, study room, garage and also an upstairs bathroom

Some other information about the game

Going for Leah 1/6

  • Gives six bottles of alcohol and it even offers to sniff at the thermos
  • Talks to Leah (very first conversation)
  • It even asks Rachael whether she is enjoying the party or not but this also has to offer her to talk to frank.
  • In the game when Rachael beats Patrick says oh it is cool
  • Smell at the Thermos (cabinet), but it does not take
  • It also gives the Thermos to Rachael and this tells her ‘You are not afraid of frank’ but this ought to not listen.

Going for Leah 2/6

  • Talk to Rachael – is everything alright? You are trustful and that even her friend seems to be very interesting and finally it asks her about her phone number.

Going for Leah 3/6

  • Talk to Madison
  • Talk to Ashley
  • Give her Madison’s diary: master bedroom> desk with a mirror> use with: gastronomy book, paper and pencil > open the safe, get the diary and finally give it to Ashley.
  • Now go to the private place then open your inventory (‘I’) and even find the contracts in Madison’s phone for getting Vickie’s number.

Going for Leah 4/6

  • Now hand over the painkiller to Patrick and then ask him about borrowing his phone
  • Now talk to Brittney: she might be okay and ask her top look great. Then also ask her for Patrick’s phone
  • Now tell Patrick for retrieving the phone from Brittney
  • Also, talk to frank or Madison for beating up Patrick and take his bottle of wine.

Going for Leah 5/6

“Talk to Katherine: “we use the word “need” outside its intended purpose” and also ask if she knows to hack phones and send spoofed messages
Give Katherine Patrick’s phone, follow her to the study room and also ask her to send a spoofed message from Rachael’s number to Vickie
Talk to her again and tell her you are ready, ask for practice
Tell her: “So do you come here often?” and also You know, you have a really nice smile“
Invite Vickie to the party and wait for her at the garden. Tell her: “you’ve heard a lot of things about her, that Rachael told you and that there a lot of good girls here”

Going for Leah 6/6

Tell her you are ready for the next lesson, remove your boxers (“Y”) and again tell her you are ready for the next lesson
Give the blue flower to Ashley
Masturbate 15 times
Then tell Vickie you’ve wowed Ashley
Find her in the hot tub and talk about her nipp*le rings

Final words

However, the guide will take even more steps and the whole game will lead you towards new explores. This game is not usual game these games are invented entirely from the purpose of enjoying it. The use of 3d gives it more real touch and shapes the game as something real experience.

NOTE: While downloading or unpacking issues with the game’s main story. Users can download it from the site of the author and even unpack it a hundred per cent or user profile it hundred percent. Documents, house party, mods, stories, two folders eek all will be available there.


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