Game Genie Codes

Game Genie is a type of video game and this game was originally created and designed by code masters and this setup was sold by Galoob and Camerica. The very first serious in this edition was released in the year 1990 by Nintendo entertainment system and subsequently, these set of devices was continuously released for the games super NES, game gear, Genesis and game boy.

The devices used in this game are temporarily modified in order to produce the game data and also it is used to manipulate different aspects of games and this setup sometimes which is used for or accessing unused functions and assets.

This is one of the very interesting and entertaining games and all type of ages can play these types of games. Here the codes are also created with different ideas and it creates an interest to play these types of games.

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Design and operation of a game genie

In 1990 is the game genie is a type of cheat enabling accessories game and if you need to find the new parameters in this game you have to find your cartridges which will be very helpful to determine the parameters in the game.

In this game, there are more benefits of codes and you will be having many extra benefits while using this type of codes and the usage is also very easy to use some of the game genie codes are one of the just bizarre. And moreover 5 million users are currently available for this game.

You have to design the codes in a very correct manner or else the usage of every code and this string letter is little very difficult to determine the loss the parameters.

The codes are very understandable it sometimes creates a great challenge to the Seekers. Game genie is one of the creative games and it became famous in a short span of period and during the time of introduction the gaming magazine appreciated positively regarding this game.

Game Genie Codes

Some of the codes are

  • Actraiser
  • Aerobiz
  • Alien 3
  • Aladdin
  • Battle-clash
  • Batman forever
  • Bobby’s world
  • Clay fighter


NES is a cartridge game and these are fully inserted and it is designed in a different way which does not create any depression to start and play this game. This is fully stressing relief game.

Super NES

The super NES game contains some of the certain performance which helps to enhance the chip inside the processor but this to do not contain any of the updated versions of the game it completely remains in an incompatible manner and it does not create any problems.

Game Gear

This has been designed with many complicated designs and this has many books of codes and codes are completely labelled and geared with cartridges. And later game genie 2 the introduction of the updated version and it is also one of the most powerful devices was designed by code masters this was just introduced for the development and to improve the ability of their own cheat codes.


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