FFBE Unit Ranking JP By Role

The final fantasy also called the final fantasy is re-released as a role-playing game designed and published by Square Co.Ltd, especially for the Nintendo entertainment system. This was released in Japan in December in the year 1987.

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The game was later released in North America in 1990 and since the time the final fantasy has bought on its space worldwide on the play station, the game boy advance, play station portable, iOS, Android as well as a lot of other platforms. These were later re-released making a great modification and adding a broad range of new contents.

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What makes it unique is the ffbe unit ranking which would be a great achievement in the gaming. The character in the game moves on with the fantasy medieval settings with three major continents and four warriors of light which begins with Cornelia.

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They are tasked by the king of Cornelia which rescued the princess Sarah from the garland and after that defeat, the king then opened up to the bridge enabling them to pass to the town of provoking.

This bought on with the ranking of the adventure of the game and defeating the four friends to rescue the world. The FFBE Unit Ranking is the best part of it.

The FFBE gameplay

The gameplay is a major achievement for those who take it seriously. With the final fantasy asking the players to select the characters, their classes, and the name of each of the warriors of the light or the playing character. Like those of the computer role-playing games of that era, the player’s characters are passive participants in the complete story.

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So even it’s mandatory that the player’s choice of the character class is only going to affect the light warriors in the abilities of the battle.

Revealing the character types

The character types of the game include

  • The fighter or the warrior who is well versed with heavy weapons and armors that can withstand punishment. They are surely going to become a knight and are able to use the most powerful weapons and even some white magic spells.
  • The monk who is a black belt and is considered the martial art expert. They are best left fighting with an empty hand and also wield nunchaku that is the most basic of staves.
  • The thief who is a high evasion or an accuracy finesse fighter. The specific part is they are with limited weapons and armours but have greater agility and luck. This ability to flee is bugged in the version before the origins came to limelight.
  • White magic is another specific one. They are not really good fighters but can use hammers for any kind of physical attack and focuses on supporting the team with healing and enhancing spells.
  • The black mage is another specialist but is physically frail. This becomes the black wizard who can cast the flare, one of the two damaging spells that retain full effectiveness against the final boss.
  • The red mage is considered the jack of all trades and is able to use most but not really all the white and black magic.

Unit Summaries (6★ Units)

  • 2B
  • 9S
  • A2
  • ACE
  • Adam
  • Adam Jenson
  • Aerith
  • Aileen
  • Agrias
  • Akstar
  • Amber
  • Aloha Lasswell
  • Ang
  • Arnea
  • Aria
  • Arngrim
  • Aura


The game contains great features and a huge number of characters with different features to support the game. But above all is the ffbe unit ranking which makes it specific and demanding for the game.

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