EPIC seven Tier List 2020

EPIC seven Tier List: It is evident that most of the people for using a quality game in order to play in both compact and large devices.

It is highly recommended for people to know and understand the features of the game well before playing because it helps you in saving a lot of time easily.

Epic Seven tier list 2019

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EPIC seven Tier List

There is a wide range of games available in different genres, which allows users to pick the right kind of game based on the interest regularly.

EPIC Seven is a popular and mind-blowing game, which offers tons and tons of characters for people to choose and finish the game in a quick span of time.

Some of the top favourite character list in EPIC Seven:


It is important for people to understand the concept of the game in a clear manner because it enables users to pick the character effectively.

It is widely suggested for users to consider exploring the powers of all the characters before choosing. The character with the right balance of skills and powers helps people to play the game easily.

Achates has a massive strength in both Raid and Boss Hunt features. Both the features play a major role for people to hunt the target without compromising on their lives effectively.


Adlay is one of the top favourites among the younger generation of players because of various reasons. Most of the current generation people prefer using a character, which has good powers and features to play the game.

Adlay may not have a great total strength compared to other characters in the gameplay, but provides amazing consistency for people to enjoy again without affecting the quality regularly.


Aither If one of the oldest characters in the game which has gained a lot of attention from users learning from a long span of time. Most of the experienced gamer prefer to use a character which does not have a huge amount of powers because it will be easy for the way to play the game and finish in a quick span of time.

It is necessary for people to consider using a decent character which comes with enough power to defend other characters in an effective way. Aither is the right character to use while playing on a regular basis because it helps people to enjoy the game with the help of little hard work from time to time.


Angelica has a massive total score of 9.3 out of 10. It is a known fact that a powerful character will have a large room to defeat the opponents without compromising on the gameplay in an effective way.

It is widely suggested for people to know and understand the powers well because it plays a crucial role for them to use the right cover at the right time in order to complete the game in an easy way. Angel ka office quotes for among both defence and attack parameters which play a vital role for a paper to play some of the advanced levels on a daily basis.


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