Daughter for dessert walkthrough guide

These games are really awesome not because they are unique (this is one of reason) but also because it has been given a touch of 3D. The game has been divided into different scenes and the player will have to unlock each level for winning the game. Here is you have a full guideline on how to do it –

daughter for dessert walkthrough

The Important Guide for Daughter for Dessert walkthrough

Divided into different chapters

  • The first chapter – lanie
  • Second chapter – Veronica

Ask casual questions such as: may I buy a drink for you? About any profession, About drinks and all, Motivate her by saying: do not give up on your dreams. Also, let me get my things together.

3rd chapter

  • Amanda– do not move her head (pray for that she does not notice)
  • Door of Amanda
  • Minigame
  • Kathy – one should let loose some times

4th chapter

  • Veronica – now unlock the scene or you can even use the cheat: yeah, I cloud.
  • Heidi – same step
  • Amanda

Cheats (without ‘*’)

  • Heidi scene – ch4heidise *X
  • Veronica scene: ch4veronicase *x
  • No scenes: ch4nose *x

5th chapter (daughter for dessert walkthrough)

  • Kathy – it is attracted to me> now go ahead and ask> those who wish to know how o felt>
  • Just get done with the mini-game (dishwasher)
  • Keep going
  • Amanda – then let her decide about jump

6th chapter

  • Amanda – there is no right of choosing the life you have to live

7th chapter

  • Oliva – beat de car game or the user the cheat: why not. Yeah, it is sweet
  • She will have a hard live
  • Amanda – nothing to do with choice

8th choater

  • Lily- choices do not matter > pool scene
  • Amanda choices do not matter

9th Chapter

Amanda: Choices doest not matter > Scene
Kathy: If you want to obtain the scenes of the chapters 3 & 5 > Go see her > We only talked > Any >Drink > Don’t Drink > cussed out a customer > Don’t drink (cow balls) > photo of someone’s butt > Don’t drink (Sky diving) > Don’t drink (steal something > Naked in the dinner > ok, but quick

10th Chapter

Amanda:  come to life with make stories
Heidi: Kathy and I are just friends > Sure, tonight > a restaurant > something between you and blake > ….a rim job is out of the question > option for dinner > Wait for Blake > Yes, let’s go

11th Chapter

Lily: you needs a massage > I can give you a good one
Amanda: Choices does not matter > shower scene
Cheat:you have to skip the memory minigame – ch11nomemory

12th Chapter

Lily: chase her
Kathy & Heidi: Don’t tell about Amanda, requires date with Heidi (Chapter10) > Go to Kathy’s

13th Chapter

Kathy: Things got a little out of hand last night
Moe’s office minigame: The key is located randomly only  in the office and as well as the cabinet it opens is also randomly. But once you have the photo (cabinet), get the picture (underneath Moe’s pillow) and the laptop code (board on the right – code 7a14b6e)
Lily: Yes, come in > let me take a bite

Cheats (without “*”)

  • Kathy’s scene (only for patrons): ch13getkathytease
  • Lily’s scene (only for patrons): ch13se*xnow
  • No scene in chapter 12 – Ch13nothreeso*me
  • Skip minigame (only for patrons): ch13skipminigame

14th Chapter

Amanda: Go to her room
Heidi: I will go > meet her > do what you had planned

Cheats (without “*”):

Heidi’s scene (it  for only patrons): ch14heidise*x
Amanda’s scene (it for only for patrons): ch14amandase*x

More about the game

This game Daughter for dessert walkthrough is an adult game with so many existing things in it. So it has also levels which players have to cross but this way of playing the game is a little different than others one! As here in the game, rather than killing each there, here one has to chat or does something as we human beings do in our real worlds. And the touch of the game is given so real as if we are playing with the real human that is why the characters in the game are known as humanoid.

While playing this game those who are then 18 they should not play this game. Because this game is entirely made for adults those above 18!


this game is a good summary of the day to day life and that is while playing n this game. No one gets trouble in it. It is even so easy to understand about the game. Every step would be different but very simple.

Although during play there will be some choices which s player you may take but the consequences will be yours as well as. Otherwise, there is nothing like something tough about the game.


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