Aasimar D&D 5th Edition (5E)

Destroy evil forces with Aasimar 5e contains strong skills: Aasimar 5e D&D is humans, and they are more inclined towards the character of kindness rather than evil. Most of the physical traits which reveal as humans which is as unusual heritage and the features of the Aasimar 5th edition which includes its hair which shines like metal and their eyes which are like jewel-toned and it has a lustrous skin colour or even it is very glowing in Golden halos.


Aasimar 5e Traits

Aasimar 5e

  • Here your charisma ability for which is increased by 2.
  • Aasimar maturity of the ages the same as humans but it can you up to 160 years.
  • Aasimar has the same height and weight as a human.
  • Your basic speed is about 30 feet.
  • The vision of the Aasimar 5e which are very superior they can view in dark and dim conditions also.
  • Celestial resistance which is very resistive to necrotic and radiant damage.
  • Aasimar can speak, read and write common and solution languages.

Protector Aasimar

Protector Aasimar 5e they are very powerful and it is charged by the full of powers. They are very good to guard the week events and they are very vigilant anti it stands against the darkness. From younger age onwards protector Aasimar which directs and advice to stand against the evilness. Mass Cure Wounds 5e

The ability score of the protector Aasimar is increased by 1 and while starting at the third level the action is started with the powerful wind energy your eyes very glimmer and they are very incorporeal means to sprout.

And its transformation which lasts for a minute until the bonus action is ended and the flying speed is about 30 feet, it has with extra radiant damage within attack or spell. Club Penguin Rewritten

Scourge Aasimar 5th Edition D&D

This Aasimar which blazes with the divine energy instantly within them they have the capacity of destroying evil desire forces and wears masks which focuses on containing the power and also they themselves and unmasks only during the time of Battle.

The constitution energy score which is increased by 1, and the radiant consumption during the time of the level the action is spat into divine energy and it causes radiations and force out of your mouth and eyes and it will threaten you. D&D 5E Character Sheet Fillable

The transformation which is lasted for a minute until it ends the bonus action, you can shut the bright light to the feet of 10 radii and you can also dim the light to an additional 10 feet and you can also find each creature within 10 feet of your radiant damage which is equal to half of your level.

Fallen Aasimar

This Aasimar who are touched with the dark powers in the early adulthood days and it is also one of the fallen group of Aasimar whose inner light which has been replaced by the shadow.

The strong core of its ability is increased by 1 and it’s necrotic shroud at the time of the third level it causes the action to unleash the divine energy and it will turn your eyes into the pool with the darkness and to skeletal flightless ghostly wings which are sprout from your back.

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It has been transformation power instantly within 10 feet and each charisma level which is transformed to your proficiency bonus and it can become frightened until your next turn ends.


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